NetOO Nu

Nineteen NetOO-members are currently continuing their learning expedition in Stockholm. The journey that started in 2017 will be enriched with interesting meetings with interesting people at schools, companies and organisations such as hospitals.

NetOO is the Dutch Network of Entrepreneurial Educational Experts (NetOO).

Our network was founded 15 years ago by alumni of the academic Master program “Educational Science and Technology” of the University of Twente. Later, it was opened up for other specialists with similar background. We are active in both vocational and corporate education and use the network to exchange knowledge and experience.

Since September 2017 we are engaged in a “learning expedition” to investigate some specific themes related to learning. Our goal is to share, learn and create new insights on subjects related to learning:

  • Motivation for learning & testing
  • Inter-professional learning
  • Learning to be innovative
  • Technical innovations and learning

We’ve started our journey in the Netherlands and visited various interesting schools, experts, companies and organisations relating to out learning themes. 

As follow-up of the expedition, 19 members of the network are now in Stockholm until the 23rd of March. We’ve chosen Sweden because we think that the educational requirements in both countries are similar but also different enough to make such a trip extremely worthwhile. All theme groups arranged a very interesting program together with their Swedish contacts.

The “learning” in this expedition should not be in one direction so, an exchange of ideas and best practices should lead to a mutual benefit for both parties. We’re always willing to think along with interesting cases or questions in the work of our Swedish hosts.

At Thursday March 22nd there will be a mini-conference together with our hosts as an intermediate wrap up of our findings.

Connect – Learn – Grow – March 22